FFR 67: Lorena

In this episode of FFR, Anita’s off giving talks in different cities so the podcast falls to Ebony and Carolyn this week, who do their best to fill the big Anita-shaped hole in all our hearts. The focus of this episode is Lorena, the new four-part documentary series on Amazon Prime which takes a fresh look at a case that set the tabloid world on fire in 1993: the case of Lorena Bobbitt. The new doc offers a deep, thoughtful examination of all the elements at work in the trial and the public’s perception of it: the nation’s failures to treat domestic abuse as a serious issue, media standards (or the lack thereof), cultural attitudes about men and women, and so much more.

Also, a few words about Terry Crews, Steven Spielberg, and as always, our personal shoutouts in What’s Your Deal?

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5:15 Entertainment News: Terry Crews, Steven Spielberg, more

17:00 A Special Message from Anita

17:25 Lorena

45:05 What’s Your Deal?


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