FFR #57: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

This week, we journey to the world of Etheria for showrunner Noelle Stevenson’s bold reimagining of She-Ra, and we very much like what we see! From the surprisingly complex explorations of friendship dynamics (for what’s ostensibly a children’s cartoon) to the terrific assortment of body types to the wonderful way that some characters don’t conform to standard gender expectations and much more, this show has so much to offer young viewers (in addition to just being an entertaining show, of course). Plus, can we just talk about how great Catra looks in that tux?!

Also, we discuss what CBS’ settlement with Eliza Dushku over sexual harassment on the set of Bull reveals about the culture within the network, and the horrible tactics Offset is using in his quest to get Cardi B back.

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5:20 Entertainment News

14:00 She-Ra

44:15 What’s Your FREQ-Out?


The New York Times report on CBS settling with Eliza Dushku

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