FFR #52: A Star is Born

This week’s episode is (maybe) our one year anniversary and Ebony eats cake in celebration. This week’s discussion surrounds the most recent remake of A Star is Born, directed by and starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. As usual, we are a group divided on these tortured love stories but it might not be what you expect. Ebony loved the music, Carolyn loved the romance and Anita couldn’t get over Bradley Cooper’s voice. Ebony tries to convince us of a new segment idea: “Runtime Rundown”. The Anita robot breaks.

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2:23 – Pop Culture News (RIP Stan Lee, Serena Williams and GQ’s cover debacle)

5:03 – Main Topic: A Star is Born

39:08 What’s Your FREQ Out


Woman of the Year GQ cover

“How the Media Would Have Covered A Star is Born”