FFR #46: Monsters and Men

On this week’s episode of FFR, we discuss the new film Monsters and Men, a drama loosely inspired by the 2014 murder of Eric Garner by officers of the NYPD. The film follows three men of color, one of them a cop himself, whose lives are impacted in different ways when police murder an unarmed black resident of Brooklyn. Our conversation touches on the ways women are often marginalized in these stories (see also Blindspotting and Sorry to Bother You), the difficulty and importance of sometimes having deeply uncomfortable conversations, and how displays of character can sometimes be seen as a liability, particularly for black athletes.

Also: Bill Cosby’s conviction, the latest Harry Potter controversy, and more.

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Segment Timestamps:

:00 A Quick Message from Anita
:20 Intro
2:20 Entertainment News: Bill Cosby convicted; The Harry Potter character Nagini who we thought was a snake is actually an Asian woman!
13:50 A Quick Message from Carolyn
14:30 The new film Monsters and Men
46:25 What’s Your FREQ-Out?
Carolyn on Spider-Man’s story and characters, Ebony on beloved movies that actually hate us, Anita on the TV series Humans
57:15 wrap-up

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