FFR #45: Searching

On this week’s episode of FFR, the gang discusses Searching, a new thriller starring John Cho which takes place entirely on computer screens. As David Kim, a father searching for his missing daughter, John Cho navigates Facebook, Tumblr, creates spreadsheets, makes phone calls using FaceTime, and otherwise employs technology in the ways that many of us do every day as just an ordinary part of our lives. Our conversation touches on the effectiveness of Searching as a thriller, the aspects of it that are traditional and those that are more experimental, how it depicts the way we sometimes seek connection online while avoiding it in the physical world, and the different things we allow and expect from fathers as opposed to mothers in movies.

We also talk about the collapse of Telltale Games and the larger issue of labor in the games industry, the recent hubbub over Bert and Ernie, and lots more.

(Note that there have been new developments in the Telltale situation since the recording of this conversation on Monday morning, including the filing of a class action lawsuit against the company.)

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Segment Timestamps

:00 A Quick Message from Anita and Ebony

:30 Intro, Weekend Confessions

2:10 Entertainment News: Telltale Games shuts down and labor practices in the industry; Why the conversation about Bert and Ernie matters

16:00 A quick message from Carolyn

16:15 Main Topic: Searching (no spoilers)

31:25 More Searching (spoiler warning issued)

47:20 What’s Your FREQ-Out?

Carolyn on Maya Rudolph in Forever

Ebony on Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the criminalization of DV survivors

Anita on the Elementary season finale (no spoilers)

58:55 wrap-up

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