FFR #43: Live from XOXO!

This week, we bring you a very special show recorded live at the XOXO festival in Portland! We decided to liven things up by playing a special game in which each of us presents one piece of media we loved when we were younger to the crowd, and asking them to vote: Can we still love this thing, or do we have to dump it? A cult classic NES game, a mostly forgotten 80s TV series, and a much-maligned episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are all on the chopping block. How will the crowd decide?

But that’s not all! We also talk about how Burt Reynolds was the first male centerfold in Cosmo Magazine (and whether or not this was a win for feminism), the “copaganda” of Insomniac’s new Spider-Man game for PS4, what sets Anita and Ebony’s upcoming book History Vs. Women apart, and much more.

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Segment Timestamps

:00 A Special Intro from Anita

1:10 We’re Live at #XOXO!

4:50 Entertainment News: Burt Reynolds as Cosmo’s First Male Centerfold, “Copaganda” in Insomniac’s New Spider-Man Game

15:30 Intro to “Defend the Dumbest Thing You Love”

16:35 Carolyn Presents: Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode

24:35 The Crowd Votes!

25:05 Ebony Presents: The Insiders

31:20 The Crowd Votes!

32:05 Anita Presents: “Beer Bad”

40:10 The Crowd Votes!

41:50 What’s Your FREQ-Out?

Carolyn on Into the Breach, newly released on Switch!

Ebony on Reconstruction: America’s Unfinished Revolution by Eric Foner

50:10 What Sets Our Upcoming YA History Book History Vs. Women Apart!

53:00 Anita on John Scalzi’s The Collapsing Empire and media that frankly depicts period pain

57:15 Wrap-up

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