FFR #28: I Wanted to See Some Rocky and Bullwinkle – Feminist Frequency

FFR #28: I Wanted to See Some Rocky and Bullwinkle

#Feminist Frequency RadioMay 30, 2018

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Ebony Adams

Operations Director and rogue snuffleupagus

In this week’s off-the-rails episode of Feminist Frequency Radio, Ebony finally slides into the captain’s chair and brings on board a temporary first officer for an away mission that just might not make it into syndication. Comedian, writer, and amateur chicken wrangler, Julie deGroot joins Ebony for an entertaining ramble through issues as diverse as finding your purpose later in life to finding salvation on the dance floor. Ebony tries to pressure Julie into discussing topics that never actually get explored (Minnesota politics; cooking hams; Julie’s weird celebrity crushes; the Pope), but we instead we wind up talking a bit about Kanye West tomfoolery and growing up as a queer kid in the midwest. Stay tuned for Julie’s protest music playlist!

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Links to check out:
“Feeling the Spirit in the Dark: Expanding the Notions of the Sacred in the African American Gay Community,” E. Patrick Johnson

Segment Timestamps

0:00 Can you help us ring that bell and reach our May fundraising goal? We’re only $5K away!

:54 An explanation for why this week’s special guest sounds like she’s speaking into a tin can

1:46 And away we go! Introducing this week’s special guest

10:54 Pop Culture News

19:26 Ebony’s Inevitable Crime Drama Mention

24:52 The Roundtable: doing creative work at your own pace; looking back at 1968 through the lens of our parents’ experience; and what counts as protest music


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