FEMME FATALE: 1940s Hollywood & Film Noir with Julie Grossman | FFR 203

Anita and Kat are joined by literature and film studies Professor Julie Grossman—an oft-published scholar who’s penned numerous essays about the classic archetypes of women onscreen and behind the camera in vintage Hollywood. She’s taking us into the 1940s, and specifically the introduction of film noir and the femme fatale for our “Hollywood by the Decade” series. To set the scene for our conversation, we watched two films on Julie’s recommendation: from 1943, Alfred Hitchcock’s SHADOW OF A DOUBT, and from 1948, ROAD HOUSE—directed by Jean Nogulesco and starring Ida Lupino before the advent of her directing career.
Find Julie Grossman:
* twitter.com/JulieGrossman1
* Books:
* The Femme Fatale – https://www.rutgersuniversitypress.org/the-femme-fatale/9780813598246
* Twin Peaks – https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/52737979-twin-peaks

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