Feminist Frequency’s Star Trek Podcast, DISCOVERY S04, E10 & E11 with JARRAH HODGE & SARAH GULDE

Season 4 of DISCOVERY is drawing to a close, and joining Anita to discuss how (un?)successfully it’s approaching that conclusion are returning special guests and Women at Warp: Jarrah Hodge and Sarah Gulde.

Links Mentioned:
* Women at Warp: www.womenatwarp.com or @womenatwarp on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

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* twitter.com/sarahmiyoko
* Star Trek Quarterly: a fanzine by Trekkies, for Trekkies!  https://www.facebook.com/startrekquarterly.
* https://startrekquarterly.wordpress.com/

Find Jarrah:
* twitter.com/jarrahpenguin
* trekkiefeminist.com

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