Feminist Frequency Radio is Here! Join Us on Our New Sonic Adventure!

Here it is, the first official episode of our brand new flagship podcast, Feminist Frequency Radio! We’re the show that encourages you to be critical of the media you love, or we’re the feminist killjoys coming to take your media away, depending on your point of view. In this first episode, we hit the ground running with a quick dive into the entertainment news of the week (there’s a new Star Wars trilogy in the works oh and also bee-tee-dubs a LOT of men in Hollywood are being revealed as sexual abusers). Then we ask the important questions about Thor: Ragnarok—Does it really convey a strong anti-imperialist message? Did it provide sufficient levels of “Goldblumishness” for Ebony’s tastes? And Chris Hemsworth: hotter pre- or post-haircut?

We then discuss the complexities of Super Mario Odyssey’s gender politics, which first heavily reinforce the old “damsel-in-distress” trope before ever-so-slightly subverting it. It’s not enough for Carolyn, though, who really wants Peach to get a grand odyssey of her own after all this time. (She recently wrote a whole piece about it.) Finally, we each sound off on the things we’re thinking about most this week. Listen to the full episode now, and subscribe to the podcast to get a new episode every Wednesday!

But wait, there’s more. We want this to be more than a podcast: we want it to be a community, and we really want you to be a part of it. You see, today also marks the launch of Drip, Kickstarter’s new subscription platform, and we’re thrilled to have Feminist Frequency Radio as one of the very first projects on it. If you back Feminist Frequency Radio on Drip within the next week, you’ll be granted Founding Member status. Back us at $10 or above and you’ll receive this stylish, limited-edition, fully burrito-compatible tote bag along with more goodies and surprises down the road.

Whether you back us this week or in the future, as a backer, you’ll be part of a select group that has the opportunity to participate in our conversation, contribute to what we talk about each week, and help shape the direction of the podcast. Head on over to our Drip page to learn more about our rewards and consider becoming a founding member today.