Feminist Frequency Radio Episode 9: FREQing Out Over the Whimsical Fish Man’s Deal

This week on Feminist Frequency Radio, Guillermo del Toro’s latest film The Shape of Water divides the crew! Find out which of us were seduced by the film’s tender love story and which of us have no souls as we contemplate just what it means to fall in love with a fish man. (NOTE: This discussion may involve Ebony busting out one of her patented Hater Rants!) We also talk about prominent women criticizing the #MeToo movement and examine what last week’s Aziz Ansari story says about our cultural expectations around romantic and sexual encounters. We round things out with a look at the trans-centric web series Her Story and a round of What’s Your Deal? Also, the podcast faces its most vital question yet: Should What’s Your Deal change its name to What’s Your FREQout? Help us decide!

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Entertainment News: 5:07-15:35

The Shape of Water: 15:37-32:47

Her Story (web series): 32:51-45:53

What’s Your Deal?/Wrap-Up: 45:53-57:54

Referenced in this episode:

Margaret Atwood’s op-ed: Am I a bad feminist?

News story about the French letter signed by Catherine Deneuve and others denouncing #MeToo

Babe story about Aziz Ansari

Her Story web series

Saladin Ahmed’s Twitter