Feminist Frequency Radio Episode 8: Now With Bonus Relaxing Nature Sounds!

With rainfall lending a lovely natural ambiance to the conversation, we discuss the power of representation in Black Panther and the formation of the Time’s Up initiative to combat cultures of sexual harassment in every industry. This brings us to the highlights and disappointments of the politically charged 75th Annual Golden Globes. After discussing everything from Oprah’s powerful speech to the failure of any of the night’s male winners to directly address the recent reckoning in Hollywood in any meaningful way, our intrepid crew ventures into “USS Callister,” a thought-provoking Star-Trek-influenced existential nightmare that serves as Black Mirror‘s fourth season premiere. Finally, on What’s Your Deal, we each share something we’ve been thinking about lately, and Anita takes the opportunity to honor the late Allan G. Johnson, whose work on patriarchy, privilege and social systems was hugely influential in the formation of Feminist Frequency.

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Referenced in this episode:

@eveewing’s tweet about Black Panther and representation.

@imransiddiquee’s tweets about mens’ silence at the Golden Globes.

@conniewang’s tweet about Harvey Weinstein and the Golden Globes.

Anita’s remembrance of Allan G. Johnson.