Feminist Frequency Radio #24: The Monthly Ebony Meeting

On this week’s FFR, Anita has left Ebony and Carolyn to fend for themselves! In our desperate attempt to put together a coherent podcast in Anita’s absence, we go deep on Avengers: Mandatory Moviegoing Experience (or Infinity War as it’s more commonly known), discussing the film’s various representations of masculinity, the roles women play in its narrative, and its surprising ending. (Take heed: our conversation has more Infinity War spoilers than there are grooves in Thanos’ chin.) From there, we dive into recent events that have brought “incel” ideology into the media spotlight. Don’t know what “incel” means? Well, enjoy your final moments of ignorance before we explain what it is and tear it to shreds! We also touch on Netizens, a powerful documentary on online harassment which features Anita and recently had its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Segment Timestamps:

:00 A Special Message from Carolyn
1:19 Greetings!
3:22 Ebony on Netizens, a new documentary featuring Anita
7:45 Pop culture news items: Bill Cosby convicted, Joy Reid’s homophobic blog posts
13:10 Avengers: Infinity War
34:15 “incels” and victim blaming in the news
47:00 What’s Your Deal?
53:40 Wrap-up

Relevant Links:

Netizens (documentary featuring Anita)

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