Feminist Frequency Radio #21: Watch the Fried Ones

In this week’s episode of Feminist Frequency Radio, Anita and the gang travel the world with the delectable cuisine of Netflix’s new food documentary series Ugly Delicious, which explores the collisions of food, culture, and history. When does culinary tribute cross over into culinary appropriation? How do we handle beloved foods that have become saddled with deeply racist associations? Whose cuisine is considered valuable and whose is considered disposable? Then we talk about Bury Me, My Love, a mobile game that puts you in the role of a husband whose wife is a Syrian refugee attempting a dangerous journey to Europe. The game’s subject matter is weighty, but Ebony still finds a way to bring up the original theatrical release of the movie Clue. Finally, we each share something we’ve been digging lately in What’s Your FREQ-Out?

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:00 Brought to you by…
:27 Intro and greetings
3:22 pop culture checkin: The Simpsons responds to criticisms of Apu
7:55 Ugly Delicious
30:24 Bury Me, My Love
44:10 What’s Your FREQ-Out?
(Ebony on Requiem, Carolyn on Toto’s song Africa remixed to sound like it’s playing in an empty mall, Anita on Bishop Nehru’s album Elevators Act I & II)
55:08 wrap-up

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