Feminist Frequency Radio #20: Enjoy Your Sloppy Nostalgia Pudding While Also Eating a Chicken Sandwich

In this week’s episode, Carolyn has visited the OASIS of Ready Player One and lives to tell Anita and Ebony the tale, demonstrating her own knowledge of obscure pop culture trivia and criticizing RPO for its use of the woman-as-trophy trope familiar to so many of the properties that inspired it. The gang then moves on to ABC’s Roseanne revival, which pulled in huge numbers of viewers. Is it an important portrayal of white working-class experience, or a harmful sanitization of the damage done by Trump voters? Finally, in What’s Your FREQ-Out, Carolyn recommends an excellent TV show, Ebony recommends a terrible movie, and Anita gushes over a great documentary series that explores intersections of food, culture, politics and tradition.

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Segment Timestamps:

:00 Brought to you by…
:25 Intro/Greetings
2:25 Entertainment news: John K.
5:40 Ready Player One
27:10 Roseanne
48:05 What’s Your FREQ-Out? (Carolyn on The Americans, Ebony on Prom Night, Anita on Ugly Delicious)
58:10 wrap-up

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