Feminist Frequency Radio #19: You Down With GDC? No, Not Ebony!

This week, Anita and Caro talk all about their experiences at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference, touching on the shifting politics of the industry, the important voices that go unheard, and, of course, their favorite games of the show. Learn how Carolyn totally saved Anita’s life during the event, and hear Caro gush over the Outerlands documentary series, which she considers a must-watch for anyone interested in game history.

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Time stamps:

Ebony’s intro 00:01

Anita’s welcome 01:05

GDC exhaustion 02:10

Absent voices and old ideas 4:45

Let’s talk about games! 17:10


Homo Machina, inspired by the art of Fritz Kahn 38:55

GDC film festival: Outerlands episodes 41:00

Game Workers Unite 45:28

What’s Your FREQ-Out? 47:25

Wrap-up 54:55

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