Feminist Frequency Radio 18: A Gaggle of Chimpanzees Hopped Up on Nyquil

In this week’s episode, the Feminist Frequency Killjoys (call us, Marvel) unleash a torrent of opinions about Netflix’s Jessica Jones, from its complicated wrestling with trauma to the ways in which people of color are often used as narrative tools in the service of white women’s healing. Then we gush over the mobile game Florence, which Caro called “both a beautiful game and also a game about beauty—the beauty of creation, color, and connection.” Finally, we each share something we’ve been thinking about in What’s Your FREQ Out?! Caro is reading N.K. Jemisin’s The Fifth Season, while Ebony is unashamed to admit that Holby City continues to have her shook. Anita wraps up the section by abusing the FREQ-Out system and tries to slip in TWO FREQ-Outs: she loved the Black Panther soundtrack and tries to speak on West Coast hip hop and then also wanted to chat about A Case of Distrust.

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Segment Timestamps:
:16 – Intros
1:42 – VoP (Voice of Phil)
1:50 – Anita and Ebony wrote a book! Also, we fail to talk about the new Marvel Infinity War trailer
5:53 – Jessica Jones
27:06 – Florence
39:15 – What’s Your FREQ-Out Deal?

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