Feminist Frequency Radio #16: All the Hollywood Not-Gay Gay People

In this week’s episode, Anita and Carolyn are joined by special guest, comedian Irene Tu! We all endured the epic Oscars ceremony last weekend so we could discuss our favorite moments, our reactions to the winners, and whether or not things in Hollywood are actually getting better. Then, in keeping with the cinematic theme, we recount our disorienting experiences in the shimmer after seeing Annihilation. What does it all mean? Was it any good? What’s with making the main character a white woman? Finally, we each share something we’ve been thinking about in What’s Your FREQ-Out, which gives Irene a chance to talk about just why so many people have been showing her so many drugs lately.

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Segment Times:

0-1:10 Ebony’s special intro
1:11-2:28 welcomes and introductions
2:29-5:10 Anita’s Trust No Man banner and Irene’s Man-Haters Comedy show
5:15-27:10 The Oscars
27:15-47:17 Annihilation
What’s Your FREQ-Out?—
47:30 Carolyn on Her Head in Films
49:40 Irene on people showing her various drugs
53:38 Anita on Godless
58:27 wrap-up

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Man Haters Comedy co-hosted by Irene Tu