Feminist Frequency Radio #10: I Tonya, Me Too, “You People”

This week’s Very Special Episode is AAA-rated! Anita takes a trip to Chicago and ropes in Feminist Frequency superstar Ashley Fellows and Vulture writer Angelica Bastien to discuss camp, perspective, and the cycle of abuse in I, Tonya. Anita segues seamlessly into a critique of how the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement are being mischaracterized to paint grey areas in issues of consent where grey areas don’t actually exist, and then everyone takes a shot at “What’s Your FREQ Out Deal” with a shout out to Heathers, a weary side-eye at a recent Wonder Woman title, and unbridled enthusiasm from Anita for some board games she’s been loving. Tune in and subscribe today so you don’t miss a single episode!

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Referenced in this episode:

1) “How the #MeToo Movement Could Kill Some Sexy Hollywood Movies”
2) Wonder Woman
3) WereWords
4) Captain Sonar


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