Data’s brother Lore returns? | Feminist Frequency Star Trek Podcast – Picard Episode 8 & 9

Star Trek Picard #8 and #9: “Broken Pieces” / “Et in Arcadia Ego: Part I”

Content Warning: This episode of the podcast contains discussions of graphic self harm and suicide.

In a very timely guest appearance, Dr. Ali Mattu— clinical psychologist, host of The Psych Show, and friend of the podcast— joins Anita and Ebony to discuss not only Star Trek: Picard, but the state of the world and the unique cultural and psychological challenges we all currently face. After a bit of reflection, we are committed to diving into episodes 8 and 9 (the penultimate of the season) and doing our best to decide if we love this show, hate it, or somehow do both simultaneously. Hair Report is back, and we’re rating episodes in current WFH staple and favorite fashion choice of the denizens of Coppelius: yoga pants.

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