Cinemaball 13: Broadcast News (1987)

This week on Cinemaball, Carolyn and Ebony take a close look at James L. Brooks’ 1987 masterpiece about the collision between professional ethics and personal desires, Broadcast News. The film features Holly Hunter in a breakthrough performance as news producer Jane Craig, a woman fiercely dedicated to maintaining high ethical standards for herself and her news crew, who finds herself falling for a man who represents everything she’s been fighting against. Meanwhile, another colleague, one who shares her ethical commitment, finds his love for her unreciprocated.

Listen as we discuss the film’s ethical explorations, its simultaneously sparkling and razor-sharp wit, and the ways in which it defies romantic comedy conventions. We each offer up handpicked suggestions for cinematic pairings with this film in our segment Sommovier, and Ebony makes a stunning announcement that may change Cinemaball forever.

For more great insight into Broadcast News, read critic Carrie Rickey’s excellent essay Lines and Deadlines, written to accompany the Criterion Collection release of the film.

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