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Cinemaball 01: Highlander (1985)

April 27, 2018

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Carolyn Petit

Managing Editor

Ebony Adams

Operations Director and rogue snuffleupagus

On this, our inaugural episode of Cinemaball, Carolyn and Ebony dive deep into the 1985 cult classic Highlander! This quintessential 80s film gives us no shortage of topics to discuss, from French actor Christopher Lambert’s performance as a Scottish nobleman to Scottish actor Sean Connery’s performance as a Spanish (or perhaps Egyptian?!) immortal. We delve into the rich contrast between Lambert’s introspective hero, Connor MacLeod, and Clancy Brown’s scenery-chewing villain, The Kurgan; share who we would cast in our own personal Highlander remakes; and rate the film on Ebony’s brother’s patented 100-star scale. Finally, Carolyn kicks the cinemaball over to their next film.

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Here are a few images from Highlander that Carolyn found particularly striking.