Bayonetta Subway Advertisements in Japan

Created for and originally posted at Bitch Magazine’s Mad World Virtual Symposium

The widely popular video game Bayonetta has had an advertising campaign that matches the on screen sexism of the game itself.  In Tokyo a large billboard in the subway invited passersby to literally strip off  flyers to reveal Bayonetta naked underneath.  The campaign is part of a bigger problem of corporate advertisers perpetuating or encouraging the sexual and physical harassment of women which is an epidemic in Japan (and many other countries, including the United States).

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Note: This is a slightly recut version of my Bayonetta Advertising video from back in 2010.  In the original cut of the video I made a few jokes about the game that were misunderstood, poorly worded and helped create a torrent of hate via YouTube.  In this version I’ve removed those jokes about the gameplay and character design to better focus on the actual point of the video which is the disturbing Tokyo subway ad campaign. All my original points remain intact.