Andy Samberg and Cristin Milotti Put a Fresh Spin on Groundhog Day in Palm Springs | FFR #132

This week we’re off to Palm Springs via the new time-loop rom-com on Hulu starring Andy Samberg and Cristin Milotti. We discuss how Palm Springs tweaks the familiar structure of films like Groundhog Day in some significant ways to serve up something fresh, while also acknowledging that it can’t entirely avoid some of the troubling matters of consent that often seem to come with the time-loop territory. We also talk about how the film explores questions of what it means to live ethically when every day is the same as the previous ten thousand days, and the surprising sweetness of its love story.

Time Stamps:

02:10 – Palm Springs
37:55 – What’s Your FREQ-Out: Carolyn on I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, Ebony on P-Valley, Anita on Carrion and A Mortician’s Tale, Listener Chelsea on The Babysitter’s Club (Netflix)

Links Mentioned:
In Palm Springs, Consent Is a Murky Line by Sarah Jae Lieber:

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