A Nosebleed in Time: Episode Three of Feminist Frequency Radio

We’re back with Episode Three of Feminist Frequency Radio! This week, we dive into the latest entertainment news and share our excitement for Ava DuVernay’s upcoming film adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time. We then discuss comedian Hari Kondabolu’s thought-provoking new documentary The Problem with Apu, which looks at the harm done by Apu of The Simpsons, perhaps the single most enduring racial stereotype of a character in American pop culture history.

We also return to Hawkins, Indiana circa 1984 to share our reactions to the second season of Stranger Things and Anita explains that, like Eleven, she too used to get nosebleeds a lot (but unfortunately she doesn’t divulge the nature of her telekinetic powers). Finally, Carolyn admits that International Men’s Day put her in a reflective mood and made her reconsider some things she said on last week’s show. Listen now, and subscribe to the podcast to get a new episode every Wednesday!

But wait, there’s more! Those listeners who back us on Drip get access to weekly bonus content. This week, we each offer up a recommendation for something we’ve watched and loved recently on Netflix. Carolyn and Ebony bring the seriousness with Caro recommending a haunting Swedish drama about gender-swapping teens which takes a hard look at gender identity, masculinity and sexuality, and Ebony discussing a film that explores the ways in which our culture contributes to the anger of women and then doesn’t know what to do with the angry women it has helped create. Thankfully Anita lightens things up a bit before the end as she recommends a show that she describes as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer with zombies!” Rad! We have lots of great rewards for our backers, so head on over to our Drip page and join the community today!

Things referenced in this episode:

The Gender Knot by Allan G. Johnson

The You Must Remember This podcast’s series of episodes on Charles Manson and Hollywood

Soha’s tweet with images from The Last of Us, Logan, and Stranger Things 2