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Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast #2: “New Eden”
Anita and Ebony are back on bridge duty this week with the Feminist Frequency Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast, deciphering narrative arcs, giving hair reports, steering through the highly illogical, and generally questioning what keeps us watching… other than Tilly. In this week’s show, we share our reactions to the second episode of Discovery’s second season, […]
FFR #41: Hackers, Strange Days, and How to Pronounce Ralph Fiennes
In this week’s episode, your favorite radical hacker collective get into the nitty-gritty of 90’s tech paranoia via the 1995 films Hackers and Strange Days. Caro can’t help but admire SD‘s attempt to create compelling a fable for its time; while Ebony and Anita discuss the gendered violence the film doesn’t allow us to look away […]
Feminist Frequency Radio #10: I Tonya, Me Too, “You People”
This week’s Very Special Episode is AAA-rated! Anita takes a trip to Chicago and ropes in Feminist Frequency superstar Ashley Fellows and Vulture writer Angelica Bastien to discuss camp, perspective, and the cycle of abuse in I, Tonya. Anita segues seamlessly into a critique of how the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement are being mischaracterized to paint […]
Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast: “Vaulting Ambition”
In this episode of the Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQcast, Anita discovers to her horror that her trusty co-host has been replaced by a 2 finga ring-sporting clone from the Mirror Universe. Mirror-Ebony proclaims her love for space minivans and futuristic pajama talk between a loving Culber and Stamets; while Anita takes a sip from her […]
Introducing Our Star Trek Discovery Recap FREQCast
Last night, Star Trek Discovery premiered on CBS before immediately engaging a cloaking device, vanishing from the airwaves, and releasing episode two on the network’s new online service, for which viewers must have a paid subscription. Our intrepid explorers Anita and Ebony, both long-time fans of Star Trek, made the journey. But was it worth it? […]
Halt and Catch Fire Recap FREQCast on 04.05: Nowhere Man
After last week’s disappointing episode of Halt and Catch Fire, this week’s was a return to form, and I was joined once again by Ryan O’Donnell of Area 5 to discuss all the storylines, little character moments and throwaway visual details (the woks!) that we loved. In addition, I pronounce Anna Chlumsky’s name correctly this time, […]
Halt and Catch Fire Recap FreqCast, Episode 2: Tonya and Nancy
This week, special guest Ryan O’Donnell of Area 5 joins me to talk about “Tonya and Nancy,” the fourth episode of Halt and Catch Fire’s fourth and final season. In contrast to the first few episodes of the season, which took their time and focused on the characters and their relationships, we felt this episode was […]
The First Episode of Our Brand New Halt and Catch Fire Recap FreqCast
We’ve both been huge fans of Halt and Catch Fire, AMC’s underappreciated drama following a group of brilliant, ambitious people through the early days of the PC revolution, the birth of online gaming, and now, in its fourth and final season, the explosion of the internet, for a long time. Last year, we reviewed season 3 […]