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Halt and Catch Fire Recap FREQCast: The Series Finale
Well, here we are. It’s been a few days now and I still can’t stop thinking about this show, not just these two final episodes but really this whole last season, in which some characters made amends, some characters learned how to better care for each other, some characters learned how to live in the moment. […]
Halt and Catch Fire Recap FREQCast on Episode 04.08: Goodwill
In Goodwill (which Anita rightly argues would have been more aptly titled “Hangin’ in There”), the characters begin to process the loss suffered in last week’s episode, and so do Anita and Carolyn. Join us as we relive all the fantastic moments in this powerful and poignant episode, while also pondering the questions this episode raises, […]
Halt and Catch Fire Recap FREQCast on 04.06: Who Needs a Guy
This week’s episode of Halt and Catch Fire was certainly a game-changer for the series, which has all of three episodes (next week’s standard one-hour show and then a two-hour finale) left to go. Halt is a series that has always been about connections on multiple levels: the connections in the characters’ lives and the kinds […]
Halt and Catch Fire Recap FREQCast on 04.06: A Connection Is Made
Anita has returned and she’s ready to talk all things Halt on our latest Recap FREQCast! This week’s episode of Halt covered a lot of ground, and the two of us go through season 4, episode 6, one character at a time. One big question in this episode is: What is it that makes the internet […]
Halt and Catch Fire Recap FREQCast on 04.05: Nowhere Man
After last week’s disappointing episode of Halt and Catch Fire, this week’s was a return to form, and I was joined once again by Ryan O’Donnell of Area 5 to discuss all the storylines, little character moments and throwaway visual details (the woks!) that we loved. In addition, I pronounce Anna Chlumsky’s name correctly this time, […]
Halt and Catch Fire Recap FreqCast, Episode 2: Tonya and Nancy
This week, special guest Ryan O’Donnell of Area 5 joins me to talk about “Tonya and Nancy,” the fourth episode of Halt and Catch Fire’s fourth and final season. In contrast to the first few episodes of the season, which took their time and focused on the characters and their relationships, we felt this episode was […]
The First Episode of Our Brand New Halt and Catch Fire Recap FreqCast
We’ve both been huge fans of Halt and Catch Fire, AMC’s underappreciated drama following a group of brilliant, ambitious people through the early days of the PC revolution, the birth of online gaming, and now, in its fourth and final season, the explosion of the internet, for a long time. Last year, we reviewed season 3 […]
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