Welcome to Miss Quinzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types! Lumberjanes is a fantastic female-created, female-focused comic about the adventures of five friends as they encounter strange creatures and solve mysteries around the camp. Lumberjanes is also noteworthy for its positive representations of queer and trans characters.


Written by Joss Whedon, this Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff takes place in a New York City of the future, where the vampire threat has returned a new slayer has been born. That slayer is Melaka Fray, a streetwise 23rd-century teen whose twin brother Harth has inherited the psychic powers normally attributed to slayers. Harth is also a vampire. Sometimes family is complicated.

Ms. Marvel

The current incarnation of the Ms. Marvel comic, which is written by Muslim writer G. Willow Wilson, stars Kamala Khan, a Pakistan-American teen who lives in New Jersey. As a second generation immigrant — and a superhero with the power to shapeshift — Kamala often feels torn between her family, her faith, and being an American teen, and struggles with issues of identity, especially when she can transform herself to look any way that she wants.


Marjane Satrapi’s staggering autobiographical graphic novel about her life in Iran during and after the Islamic revolution. Class, religion, family, sexuality, the influence of American pop culture, and global politics collide in this incredible work that humanizes life in a part of the world we so rarely see honestly depicted in western media.


Saga is a smart and thrilling science fiction that blends the fun of space opera with rich explorations of race, gender, sexuality and war. Illustrator Fiona Staples’ artwork brings Brian K. Vaughan’s tale of conflicts both interpersonal and intergalactic to vivid, breathtaking life.


Cartoonist Noelle Stevenson started posting Nimona, a quirky webcomic about a shape-shifting girl and rival knights, while she was still a student in art school. Three years later, its humorous blend of sci-fi and fantasy has made its way to bookshelves as a graphic novel that’s been named a finalist for a National Book Award. By effortlessly subverting traditional tropes about heroes and villains, Ms. Stevenson spins a tale that goes beyond good and evil to themes of identity and social acceptance.

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