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Ordinary Women: Daring To Defy History – Press Kit


Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History is a new web series by Feminist Frequency that explores the lives and accomplishments of fascinating women throughout history. Rather than heroes, leaders and innovators, women are often depicted and treated as secondary characters in history; objects of affections, damsels to be rescued, or defined as merely the wives, mothers and assistants to the men who made the real achievements. But a closer look at history tells a different story. When told that women should aspire to be submissive and “good,” these women decided to be defiant and great instead. Their uncompromising lives and thrilling accomplishments are a reminder that the stories we tell about women–in TV shows, comic books, video games and in real life–too often reflect the stereotypes and limitations that have been created for them, rather than the world-changing feats they have already achieved, often against incredible odds.


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Animation Still from Episode 1: Murasaki Shikibu

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Five episodes to launch September 2016, each featuring a different woman from history:

MURASAKI SHIKIBU: wrote the first modern novel, The Tale of Genji, while living in 10th century Japan, where she spent much of her life concealed behind screens.

EMMA GOLDMAN: called “one of the most dangerous women in America,” gave fiery speeches about social justice, anarchism, women’s rights and labor reform, which earned her multiple prison terms.

CHING SHIH: went from working in a brothel to commanding a pirate fleet of an estimated 40,000 to 60,000 men, negotiated her way out of sentencing for her crimes, and retired a casino owner.

ADA LOVELACE wrote the very first computer program and published visionary articles predicting how computers could one day be used to display graphics and write music.

IDA B. WELLS was born a slave, but went on to be a journalist and anti-lynching activist who was dubbed the “most widely known woman of her race in the world.”


Feminist Frequency is a not-for-profit, educational organization that believes media has the power to change the world. We provide comprehensive analyses of modern media from a critical perspective on societal issues such as race, gender, and sexuality. Creating publicly available and ad-free videos, Feminist Frequency encourages viewers to critically engage with mass media and provides resources for media makers to improve their works of fiction. We strongly advocate for the just treatment of all people online and believe that media is an essential tool for eradicating injustice. Through consciousness-raising around issues like online harassment, we hope to cultivate new media literacies that will make us all more responsible media users in a just and more equitable virtual world.


Anita Sarkeesian – Director/Host
Elisabeth Aultman – Producer
Laura Hudson – Writer


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Feminist Frequency analyzes the connections between popular culture, the current political climate, and societal issues such as gender, race, and sexuality.

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