Spring into action 🌿

Today, Feminist Frequency is launching our Spring Campaign. This time last year, we *didn’t* launch our usual Spring Campaign as planned. 

Instead, we joined forces with three other gaming community nonprofits and game companies to launch the Stay In the Game Relief Fund. And this community joined hands to help us through the early part of the pandemic, when we weren’t sure if or how we would make it. 

Last year, the pandemic halted the launch of our newest program, the Games and Online Harassment Hotline. This year, not only is the Hotline open – we’re expanding our hours and investing in new features to help us do an even better job supporting people who need it. And that is thanks to generous people like you who care about making this community safer for everyone.

So much has changed over the last year. But one thing hasn’t: when we come together, we can actually make progress happen.

Thanks to Landfall Games and Devolver Digital, the first $15,000 will be matched 100%!

There’s so much more progress we can make together in creating safer gaming and online spaces. Help us reach our $25,000 goal for this campaign and we can get started.