Feminist Frequency’s 2018 Annual Report


We’re thrilled to share our latest annual report with you!  In 2018, Feminist Frequency continued to be a vital resource for feminist media criticism, pop culture analysis, and online safety resources. We had a fantastic time bringing you the second season of our critically-acclaimed web series, The FREQ Show,  taking the Feminist Frequency Radio podcast  on the road, and talking with you about the stuff we’re all watching — because we know that you count on us to bring you thought-provoking perspectives on the media you care about.

To learn more about what we’ve been up to, including our convention adventures; Anita and Carolyn’s talks at prestigious events in the US and abroad; and the all-new Queer Tropes series that we’ll be dropping in early 2019, check out our annual report here.

Thank you for always following, supporting, and cheering on the work we do; we truly couldn’t do it with you. Thank you!

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