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Party vs. Video Games: Celebrating Tropes

You didn’t think we’d let the wrap of Tropes vs. Women in Video Games pass without a proper celebration, did you?

This past Saturday – five years after Anita launched the Tropes Kickstarter – we hosted folks from the games industry, backers, and many of the other people that helped make Tropes a reality. And, without exaggeration, it was an awesome time!

The theme of the night was old school arcade – which meant making sure our party brought back nostalgic memories of playing video games with friends in your parents’ basement, eating slice after slice of pizza, and listening to the tunes of Madonna and Michael Jackson, Prince and the Clash.

Since not everyone could be there, we’re sharing a little piece of the party, including some photos from the night, our playlist and the videos we streamed on screens throughout the space. Carolyn also played some video games and chatted with guests throughout the night; if you didn’t catch it live Saturday, you can watch the recorded livestream. And finally, what’s a party these days without a photo booth? (Check out some of our favorite shots below.)

So, what now? Feminist Frequency is moving forward, with brand new episodes of our latest series The FREQ Show coming out in the next month. In the meantime, we’ve said it before but we can’t say it enough: thank you. Our two seasons of Tropes vs. Women in Video Games were possible because of the people like you that supported us along the way.

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