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Amplify Your Involvement, Action 2: Resources

December 13, 2016

For our second week of ways to Amplify Your Involvement, we’re talking about resources: what do you have an ample amount of that you’re willing and able to contribute? What do the communities and organizations you care about need? We all have something to contribute — the questions are what, and when, and how. Assessing your available resources and understanding the kind of help that’s needed out there is critical.

1. Start at home. Check out Feminist Frequency’s guide to feminist media critique and activism. The guide highlights some of the resources – like social media – that you already have at your fingertips. Print it out. Distribute it. Share this resource with your friends, peers and colleagues.

2. Listen. Find local meetings in your community. Attend a meeting or two, and just listen. Sometimes, organizational needs are as simple as helping to set up chairs before a meeting. Ask questions and again – listen.

3. Educate yourself. Learn about how and why reactionary responses to differences in gender or race can result in deep and ongoing inequities. For starters, check out our other guide on Feminist Activism, which includes a quick history of feminism and related readings. Review these great reads on what’s happening right now in our communities, share them with those around you, and discuss them. Finally, the 10 Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide is a resource that provides a somber overview of how hate infiltrates communities, along with ways to counter it, seek support and move forward.

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