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Amplify Your Involvement, Action 1: Safety

December 7, 2016

Yesterday, we shared the first action in our four-week series on ways to Amplify Your Involvement this December. For this inaugural week, we’re talking about safety.

At Feminist Frequency, we know that speaking out and speaking up for a more equitable virtual world, and the compassionate treatment of one another, can be met with criticism and harassment. Protect yourself and those you care about by securing your personal information online as you advocate for your community and those around you.

1. Review the online safety guide, Speak up & Stay Safe(r), which Anita co-wrote with Jaclyn Friedman and Renee Bracey Sherman. Even if you don’t consider yourself tech savvy, this guide is an accessible introduction with three easy things you can do right now. It also includes strategies for self care and seeking support from the people around you, and available in both Spanish and Arabic.

2. Lock down your online accounts with Crash Override’s Automated Cybersecurity Helper, a step-by-step system that will walk you through how to secure your online life.

3. Secure yourself as you attend and participate in the many protests that are happening across the country.

For more information and advice, check out Anita’s live Facebook discussion of online safety and protecting yourself from harassment.

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