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March 17, 2016

A Message From Our Managing Editor

This is an exciting time for us here at Feminist Frequency. We’ve just announced our brand new series, Ordinary Women, and the response to that has been wonderful to see. We’re also thrilled to be launching our monthly newsletter, in which we’ll be sharing interviews with amazing women and keeping you in the loop about all things FemFreq. Finally, I’m particularly excited to tell you that we are about to make video game reviews a more consistent part of our programming.

As you may know, I’ve spent years working in games criticism, and I’m so glad to have the opportunity to bring that experience to my work here. What excites me most about reviewing games for Feminist Frequency is the fact that considerations about matters of representation don’t have to feel shoehorned into reviews that treat such issues as secondary. Rather, they can be given the importance that they deserve, and be discussed not as something that exists entirely separate from other aspects like graphics and gameplay, but as part of the interconnected whole that makes the game what it is. We’re a small team, of course, with a number of other projects going on, so we have to remain selective about which games we review, but my hope is that we can contribute to the conversations that take place around some of the most important and impactful games of the year, from indies to mainstream blockbusters.

One thing that I always hope people take away from Feminist Frequency’s work is an understanding that engaging thoughtfully and critically with media isn’t just important; it’s also enjoyable. Our experience of games is richer and more rewarding not when we “turn our brains off,” but when we stay engaged intellectually and emotionally in what a game is saying and doing.

As we look forward to the release calendar for the rest of 2016, we’re very excited to be ramping up Feminist Frequency Reviews. Thanks for joining us; this is gonna be fun.

Carolyn Petit
Managing Editor

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