Anita on CBC Radio’s “The Current”

July 4, 2012

On July 3, 2012, I was interviewed on CBC’s morning show “The Current” about sexism in gaming and online harassment.  Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch of Silicon Sisters Interactive, a videogame studio owned and run by women, is also on the show discussing her experiences working in the industry.

Listen to the full interview – Women and Gaming: Smashing Stereotypes


3 Responses to “Anita on CBC Radio’s “The Current””

  1. DLed the podcast for later. Thanks.


  2. I listen to the cbc everyday, and I was super excited when I heard you on!


  3. Nice job in this interview, Anita! Your composure and courageous articulation of the cyber mob tactics and your response to the attacks are impressive and heartening. Sorry that you have been going through this.



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