Watchmen on HBO – Feminist Frequency Radio EP. 101

This week, Anita, Caro, and Ebony don some cool DIY vigilante masks and go dispense some of that sweet feminist street justice. We run these mean media streets! Episode 101 of FFR is all about HBO’s new series, Watchmen. Tune in to hear us discuss the intricate world-building; the incomparable Regina King; the seductive allure of vigilantism; and the racial mapping of this alternate universe.


0:00 – 3:34: Jibber-jabber and jaw-jackery
3:35: HBO’s Watchmen (we’re only talking about the pilot in this ep, folks)
39:10: What’s Your FREQ Out?


Learn about the Tulsa Race Massacre:

Bass Reeves was a real dude:


Regina King Finally Gets Her Theme Music:

Learning history from Drunk History: Stetson Kennedy infilitrates the KKK:—uncensored

Early black filmmaking pioneer, Oscar Micheaux:

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