Our Star Wars Holiday Special: Feminist Frequency Radio Episode 6

On this, our sixth episode of FFR, we go all in on Star Wars: The Last Jedi! (Yes, we dig into the nitty-gritty and there are spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you may want to return to the main segment of this episode later.) Why are some people so upset about this film? How do Anita, Ebony and Carolyn feel about Rian Johnson’s unconventional entry in the Star Wars saga? Which of this movie’s many new CGI creatures is the coolest? What’s the deal with those fish nuns on Luke’s planet? What, exactly, is Mon Mothma? We dive in to these important issues and much more.

But it’s not all space wizards and laser swords! We also discuss some of the latest words to come out of Matt Damon’s mouth, and we each share a little something special in this week’s “What’s Your Deal?” So gather the porgs, feel the Force flow through you and listen to the latest FFR now!

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Here are links to some of the cool stuff we talk about on this episode:

Botnik’s Harry Potter chapter, written with the help of a predictive text algorithm

Clarkisha Kent’s writing on Valkyrie, gender coding, racism and queerphobia

and Stitch’s piece, Valkyrie Isn’t ‘Male-Coded’ And You’re Kinda Racist.