FFR 91: The Art of Self Defense

This week, we’re going toe-to-toe with writer-director Riley Stearns’ new dark comedy The Art of Self Defense, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Alessandro Nivola. We talk about how the film brings a critical lens to the socially constructed “rules” of manhood, and to the ways in which men are pressured to perform masculinity among other men in the establishment of a kind of hierarchy. We also discuss how the film works as a kind of response to Fight Club.


2:10 The Art of Self Defense

33:45 What’s Your FREQ-Out?
Ebony on holding it together in these trying times, Carolyn on spending time in the sun, Anita on The Boys


Questions to ask yourself when you’re outraged about injustice (via @prisonculture): https://twitter.com/prisonculture/status/1000413472356696065?s=19

Masculinities by R.W. Connell: https://www.amazon.com/Masculinities-R-W-Connell/dp/0520246985
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