FFR #90: Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood

Blend yourself a frozen marg and buckle up for this week’s episode of Feminist Frequency Radio, in which your Southern California stalwarts cruise up the 101 for a journey into Hollywood Past. This week, we discuss Quentin Tarantino’s 9th feature film, an epic* ode to manly men and one uncomplicated babywoman. Two of your hosts left the theater feeling personally attacked by the film’s masturbatory fantasia; one host had thoughtful and ruminative insights about the film’s seductive evocation of time and place. You’ll be completely “surprised” by who thought what!

For all the FFR accountants out there, please note that Carolyn cashed in her topic voucher for this film. She will not be able to select another topic until the next feminist fiscal quarter.

*this movie is so long


00:38 Pop Culture News (Ooblets on the Epic store makes a certain segment of Toon Town go absolutely apeshit; the next season of American Crime Story)
12:12 Once Upon A Time in Hollywood
50:09  What’s Your Freq Out


Ooblets – Regarding What’s Been Happening
Flip Flop Solitaire
Trump posing with a baby survivor of the mass shooting in El Paso
Endeavour, season 6

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