FFR 88: Fandom & Capitalism

There’s a lot to celebrate about our increasingly diverse mainstream media landscape. Modern audiences can immerse themselves in so many different kinds of compelling stories– stories from which POC, the disabled, queer people — (basically anyone who wasn’t middle class, straight, and white) had traditionally been excluded. It’s a victory of a sort, but it only goes so far. We still have so far to go in terms of representation in our media, but more than that, can we ever really look to corporate media to independently advance the culture in a progressive, meaningful, and sustainable way? How do we ensure mindful engagement with media and demand accountability from the billion dollar behemoths behind our favorite media properties?

04:15 Discussion of Fandom & Capitalism
38:19 What’s Your FREQ-Out?

Bowsette: memes and fandom culture under late capitalism – https://medium.com/@SimonXIX/bowsette-anti-capitalist-icon-1c988a5c51ed
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