FFR #87: Spider-Man: Far From Home

This week, we go on a swingin’ European adventure with Spider-Man: Far From Home. Anita’s friend Sara Fritzon joins us to serve as the token European for our conversation about Peter Parker’s latest escapades. Anita gushes over Tom Holland as Peter, Carolyn rants about the film’s politics, and longtime Spider-Fan Sara explains why she loves the MCU Spider-Man films, despite feeling that they don’t go far enough in exploring and humanizing their villains.

In entertainment news, we talk about Lashana Lynch taking over the 007 designation from Daniel Craig in the next Bond film, and share our reactions to the trailer for CATS.

4:20 Entertainment News
14:00 Spider-Man: Far From Home
41:00 What’s Your FREQ-Out?

Carolyn’s Spider-Man tweet: https://twitter.com/carolynmichelle/status/1151628567198887936?s=20
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