FFR #73: Shazam!

Anita’s off on another one of her globehopping adventures, so Ebony and Carolyn hold it down this week with a look at the latest DC Comics flick, Shazam! There’s a refreshing sense of lighthearted fun to this film, especially in contrast to the grimdark Batman and stuffy Superman of DC’s recent movie output, and a welcome dose of heartwarming sentiment as well. We talk about the way the film contrasts a tough-guy, go-it-alone form of masculinity with asking for help and relying on each other, what it has to say about found families, and the problems with its depictions of “ideal” bodies.

Also, initial reactions to the title for Star Wars Episode IX, a few personal recommendations for great new movies, and more.

Segment Timestamps:

4:30 Entertainment News (Star Wars title reveal, Trump’s terrible propaganda movie, Bret Easton Ellis Q&A, more)

17:05 Shazam!

44:35 What’s Your Deal? (Carolyn on Columbus, Ebony on Unicorn Store, listener Jonathan on a great production of Richard II in London)

Relevant Links:

Isaac Chotiner’s Q&A in The New Yorker with Bret Easton Ellis