FFR #61: The Favourite (Yes, with a U)

This week, we’re traveling back to the court of Queen Anne for all the stately and scandalous manipulations of The Favourite, the Oscar-nominated film starring Olivia Colman, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz. Throughout the movie, courtiers Sarah (Weisz) and Abigail (Stone) scheme and compete against each other politically and sexually to be the favorite of the queen (Colman). Our conversation covers the film’s power dynamics and cold political ploys, its depiction of female sexuality, the excellent performances, and the appeal of a film in which women who wield some degree of influence are the primary focus.

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3:10 Entertainment News (More Ghostbusters, Chris Pratt, Erykah Badu)

12:50 The Favourite

44:50 What’s Your FREQ-Out? Carolyn on Cold War, Ebony on three great pieces about Martin Luther King, Jr., Anita on Pitch Perfect and evolving media standards


Jay Smooth’s video on ten other things MLK said
The Whitewashing of King’s Assassination by Vann Newkirk
I Don’t Know What Dr. King Would Have Thought About Abortion and Neither Do You by Imani Gandy