FFR #44: Jack Ryan

On this week’s FFR, we talk about the new Amazon Prime series Jack Ryan, starring John Krasinski as Tom Clancy’s most famous hero, who finds himself on the trail of–surprise!–a Muslim terrorist! What makes Jack Ryan interesting to discuss is the ways in which the creators of the show have clearly made a conscious effort to address potential criticism of the series as being Islamophobic or otherwise problematic. Did they succeed? Find out what we think!

Also in this episode, we issue an important correction about a statement made in a previous episode, and Ebony gets emotional talking about Doctor Who.

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Segment Timestamps:

:00 A short message from Anita

:15 Intro

1:35 We issue an important correction

3:40 Carolyn’s plight (and a solution)

4:15 Pop culture news: Olivia Munn, Les Moonves

12:25 Main segment: Jack Ryan

44:25 What’s Your FREQ-Out? Carolyn on Spider-Man, Ebony on Doctor Who, Anita on the feeling of having written a book

56:55 wrap-up

Relevant Links:

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