FFR #27: When Carolyn’s Gone, It’s Just A Disaster – Feminist Frequency

FFR #27: When Carolyn’s Gone, It’s Just A Disaster

#Feminist Frequency RadioMay 24, 2018

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Ebony Adams

Operations Director and rogue snuffleupagus

In this week’s episode, Ebony realizes 40 minutes in that Producer Phil needs to slap a “saucy language warning” on all of her segments because she has no home training. Anita shares some interesting news about ice cream mafia wars in small town Sweden; and Carolyn’s guiding hand is woefully missed during a disjointed, rambling, ramshackle edition of Pop Culture News.

Thankfully, things are a bit more coherent during The Dynamic Duo’s discussion of the Netflix series, Dear White People, as Anita talks about feeling emotional during the second season’s story arc about harassment and alt-right trolls. After that, it’s a look at Ali Wong’s latest stand-up special, Hard Knock Wife. Things rapidly veer off the rails again once Anita takes issue with the return of “What’s Your Deal?!” and Ebony takes the opportunity to issue a mea culpa.

Check it out!

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Segment Timestamps

0:00 A special message from Ebony

3:30 Anita talks Sweden weirdness

4:55 Pop Culture News: playing Whack-A-Mole with incels; the royal wedding and why don’t Ebony and Anita get invited to events where fancy hats are required

10:03 Dear White People [Ed. note: Ebony does not actually believe that someone can “achieve” blackness through knowledge of potato salad]

30:54 Hard Knock Wife

41:25 A FREQ-Outy-Ish Deal


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