Help Us Stand Up and Speak Out: A Message from Anita

There’s no two ways about it: for so many marginalized people, 2017 has been a particularly painful and difficult year. And yet, in the midst of the hardship, we’ve seen inspiring moments of protest, collective action, and possibly even the beginnings of cultural change, with survivors of sexual harassment and sexual assault in Hollywood coming forward, being heard, and being believed. So if there’s one thing we can take from 2017, it’s that we need to stand up for one another, we need to listen, and we need to speak out – LOUDLY.

That’s what we do at Feminist Frequency. With your help, it’s what we’re going to keep doing in 2018.

We need you to help us raise $25,000 before the end of the year so that we can continue making not-for-profit feminist media that educates, entertains and speaks out.

With your help, we can purchase the equipment we need to film and edit our programs. We can pay the fantastic feminist camera people, editors, and graphic designers who make sure our work is high-quality (and snazzy!) and we can cover the operating costs of producing provocative, current media criticism that we can share with the widest audience possible.

Everything we create – our videos, our podcasts, our online resources – gives voice to women’s experiences, critiques sexism and bigotry, and supports more inclusive media. And because of your contributions, 100% of what we produce is free and available to anyone with internet. Let’s keep it that way.

Watch Anita’s video message and PITCH IN NOW – whatever you can, whatever you’re comfortable with – so that we can keep speaking out alongside you.

We have FIVE weeks to raise $25,000. We can do this – are you in?