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From FemFreq Viewers:

“your channel is awesome!  it has opened my mind to new perspectives i’ve never even considered before!”

“Only 10 videos? Come on, you need to make more. I love them all and YouTube needs you.”

“i just wanted to say thank you. you are a fantastic role model and just a pretty all around inspiring lady.” 

“Epic channel. You’re kind of a big deal.”

“I created a youtube account just so I could subscribe to this amazing channel. Fantastic, I just wish these videos came out more often.”

“My new favorite Youtube channel. Required viewing for all of my students! THANK YOU!”

“Great work! I can’t wait to share with my undergrad students. I agree with the poster who admired your ability to take complex ideas and make them incisive and witty and so accessible.”

“Goddamnit. I discovered your channel the night before finals. Do you know how little studying I’ve gotten done?! This is excellent stuff.”

“Just wanted to say really quickly that I’m a massive fan of your videos. As a man, I find a lot of feminist literature or analysis very hard to “get into” so to speak, but your material is very accessible. Keep up the good work!

About the Bechdel Test:

“THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! it’s always amazed me how blind our so-called progressive society is to the ongoing problem of systemic, institutionalized and socially accepted marginalization of women. Thank you for showing clearly, rationally and respectfully what so many need to understand if we are truly going to create a society where people are all treated with equal respect.”

About Anita’s Presentations:

“Coming away  from Anita’s presentation I felt motivated, validated and intrigued.”
– EmilyK

“Anita Sarkeesian you are so fierce! I was floored by the presentation and I am still thinking about everything we talked about and the videos you showed us.”
– DianaL

“Not only was Anita’s presentation well thought out, empowering, engaging and 100% entertaining, she really hit home with the importance of using the internet as a useful tool for social change.”
– marleyp

“The very interesting and powerful things Anita shared, made me think that I may have that capability too.”
– jocelyn_d


What do representations of gender and race in major motion pictures, hit television series and video games have to do with the current social and political climate?

Our newest videos analyze these connections by focusing on today’s most pressing social issues.

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Feminist Frequency analyzes the connections between popular culture, the current political climate, and societal issues such as gender, race, and sexuality.

You can help us speak out against the normalization of sexual assault and harassment, racism and bigotry, and advocate for more inclusive media. All of our work is completely free and available to anyone with an internet connect.

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