Captions & Subtitles

One way you can support Feminist Frequency is to caption and/or subtitle my videos.  Volunteers like you have helped to translate and subtitle FemFreq videos into other languages, making media criticism and media literacy available globally.  It’s easy to do, here’s how you can help.

Just head over to the FemFreq Translation Team page at Universal Subtitles.


Be sure to join the FemFreq Translation Team at Universal Subtitles to stay up to date on the latest videos.

I will get an automated email when you add new subtitles to a particular video and I can immediately upload them to the Feminist Frequency YouTube and accounts, but I’d love to give you a shoutout on twitter for your work so feel free to email or tweet me your twitter name!


A note about subtitling:

Universal Subtitles is one of the easiest to use online captioning programs around, they are an open source, crowd sourcing program that is innovating the way we caption online. Captioning is just one way to make online video and the internet more accessible.

When you visit the FemFreq Translation Team page you will see a listing of all the videos.  Below the title you will see the languages that the video has already been translated in.  If a video is not 100% captioned in a specific language feel free to complete the translation, (please only caption if you are comfortable with the language, do not use google translate to create computer generated subtitles).

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