The Real Reason Guys Should Hate Twilight

November 23, 2009

Here is an easy to follow guide for the guys on the right versus the wrong reasons to hate on Twilight.  With the release of New Moon, there has been an awful lot of sexist, homophobic, patriarchal crap floating around the internet and I just wanted to set the record straight.

Check out other great blogs and commentary about the Twilight Series:

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  2. Bite Me or Don’t over at Bitch Media is a great look at the repercussions of this new wave of young adult fiction and what the author is calling abstinence porn.
  3. Twilight’s Bella Swan is a Feminist’s Worst Nightmare breaks down the many troubling aspects of Bella’s character

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The Real Reasons Guys Should Hate Twilight Transcript

I just want to clear up a little confusion with the guys about the right reasons and the wrong reasons to hate on Twilight.  These are the wrong reasons:

Clip: Ben Hoffman at Infomania
Ben: Thought it was gonna be about a bunch of badass vampires who wanted to kill people and drink their blood, but no it was some teenage p**&% who didn’t want to kill people instead he just wanted to be sensitive and play piano.
Game Show Buzzer Sound

Clip: The Spill Crew
Man: That’s why I like the werewolves because when the vampire start like saying “I can’t be with you because I’m too sensitive and I’m risking our lives”
Woman scream
Man: The werewolves come in and ‘f*&% the vampires’
Game Show Buzzer Sound

And then also the endless array of “He’s so gay” comments on YouTube”
Game Show Buzzer Sound

So just to recap the wrong reasons are that Edward is too sensitive, that he’s gay, and that he’s not violent enough.  The right reasons however, are that Edward is a creepy, manipulative, controlling, overprotective, stalker.  Ultimately what you dude’s are saying is that in addition to being emotionally abuse you want Edward to be violent, sadistic and physically abusive.

So next time you are with your buddies talking about how much you hate Twilight, you can just repeat after me.  I hate Twilight because Edward is a creepy, manipulative, overprotective stalker.



18 Responses to “The Real Reason Guys Should Hate Twilight”

  1. Well played. (:


  2. Right on!
    I love infomania, but Ben Hoffman kind of drives me bananas. I was really irritated by his rant against Twilight, glad to see you saying something.


  3. That was great, and most guys who say things like that are usually closet cases. (Google connection between homophobia and repressed homosexual desires)


  4. Thanks and also I think homophobia is a bit more complicated then that. I know people who have a strong prejudice against queer folks but are certainly not repressed themselves. I think the answers about homophobia are deeply rooted in our system of patriarchy. Check out just about anything by bell hooks because she explains the system of patriarchy and how it affects both men and women.


  5. […] see Christine Seifert’s “Bite Me (or Don’t)” or Anita Sarkeesian’s “The Real Reason Guys Should Hate Twilight,” among innumerable others.) This remix does a great job, I think, of humorously highlighting just […]


  6. Actually I dislike Twilight because Bella is a Mary Sue( and one of the most negative female characters I have ever read. Her actions are rather disgusting, just as much as Edward’s. It’s writing is terrible and it lacks personality and any kind of wit.

    It’s a nice filter for potential partners though, it’s a nice indication of a girl’s true character.


  7. I saw an anti-Twilight cartoon short by the guys who did Halfbeard the Pirate and they likewise missed the point. As a student of literature, I find Twilight distasteful not just for the sexism but the deflated plot and overpopulation of adverbs– plus, Edward Cullen “smirks,” “snickers,” and “grins” more than any other character I’ve encountered.


  8. “plus, Edward Cullen “smirks,” “snickers,” and “grins” more than any other character I’ve encountered”

    Hilarious! True, but I can’t believe I didn’t notice til your post.


  9. […] I watched this really funny (and incisive) video by the blogger behind Feminist Frequency about The Real Reasons why Guys Should Hate Twilight. Ah. Ding. “The Real Reasons” as opposed to “The Wrong Reasons”. The same […]


  10. The whole “Twilight’s gay” thing has been misread to an extent I think. While I agree that there are some who are actually using it as a hateful term; for the majority of men, calling something gay is not a hateful term, but a dismissive one. When they are saying it is gay, they mean that it has not been made for them (As far as I can tell Twilight has been made for girls in their early teens).
    The ‘Too sensitive’ comments are, also from my knowledge of the way guys talk, the same as your emotional abuse comments. There is a natural level of sensitivity in all of us, when the level of sensitivity goes beyond that (either naturally, or purposefully) the people around that over sensitive individual suffer, because the individual becomes the “creepy, manipulative, controlling, overprotective, stalker.” you talked about.

    Also don’t you think that seeming as what you are talking about here is peoples opinions and impressions, telling them that they are wrong and that your answer is the right one is quite arrogant. Its cool to voice your opinions, and to break theirs down and point out faults in their logic (Your ability to do these in an entertaining and interesting way is what actually drew me to your site), but really I think that this video just comes across as preachy.


  11. Homophobic comments are never okay, not even when you attempt to justify it as ‘just the way guys talk’. It may be common but it doesn’t make it okay. In this week’s episode of Glee “Theatricality”, Kurt’s dad goes into a wonderful monologue about how unacceptable homophobic language is, it’s worth taking a look at.

    You can call me arrogant, but it is still never okay to use oppressive language, and I stand by my statement that it is clearly wrong.


  12. There is some solid information on this page. I am in love with your blog so far. I’ve added you to my Google Reader RSS subscriptions and will check back often. I did get some errors with how fast the website loaded. Might be something to fix.


  13. Also, check out Dan Bergstein’s “Blogging Twilight” on Sparknotes. He does a great job pointing out how ridiculous and horrifying it is that any girl would like a guy that broke into her house and watched her sleep, a guy who later abducts her and isolates her from her friends, a guy that has a hard time whether or not to eat her alive or just marry her, and on and on. Really, girls? You want a guy like that?


  14. I watched the first movie with friends in an effort to make fun of it, but came away downright disturbed. When my ex conned me into watching the second film, I felt the need to take a bath in bleach to rid myself completely of the experience.
    I have nothing against Edward’s perceived effeminate characteristics, but the fact that he stalks Bella and is embraced for it is akin to an endorsement of Stockholm Syndrome. Also, the special effects were hysterically bad, but that’s beside the point.

    As pointed out on The Oatmeal, Bella is portrayed as a doormat more than a character. She is merely used to facilitate a twisted, psychologically detrimental “romance” centered on two boys who torment her for God knows why.


  15. […] her around and fiddling with her car in order to prevent her from going over to Jacob’s. Feminist Frequency, again, is spot on in characterizing him as a “creepy, manipulative, controlling, overprotective, […]


  16. I agree with everything you said here, and I really can’t stand those homophobic morons in those clips you used, but I must raise two points.

    1)As a guy, I feel you came across as a little condescending in that last bit with the “repeat after me” bit. Sorry, but that’s just how you came across. I’m sure that was not your intent.

    2)How about hating it for the fact that it’s wildly sexist to both men and women? With Bella we get a vapid, obsessed, manipulative, cruel, idiot whose entire life is centered around her man. and in Edward, Bella’s father, and Jacob we get men who are stupid, sex driven, easily manipulated and fooled, obsessed only with women, and vain. Thanks for all that Meyer. Thanks a bunch.


  17. This was a welcoming examination of what is truly “wrong” with the Twilight franchise. Sadly I have several graduate school female friends who actually like the books as well as the movie and I just had to ask them “you don’t find it slightly disturbing that he finds her so enticing because he likes the way her blood smells and wants to drink her dry…ie kill her?” Also, let me not get started on the presentation of Bella as a thoughtless, and as Max said already, vapid and insipid young woman.

    It is disturbing to think that young women are wanting to model their potential partners from the characteristics displayed by the characters within the Twilight series. Psychological and emotional abuse are just as, and perhaps even more so destructive as physical abuse. Yet this series displays them as attractive. It is a sad situation to watch unfold for younger women.


  18. I just read twilight. Perhaps it’s my age (I’m 25) or just life experience, but Edward is wayyy manipulative. I don’t understand how any woman would condone this. I can just imagine a teenage girl saying “it’s because he cares about me”.. NO. That is not caring.

    On the other hand, I watched vampire diaries the other night and one of the vampires, Stefan was telling Elena (the main character) that everything was her choice and he would support her. That my dear teenagers is an acceptable form of caring…not pulling out parts of your car so you can’t visit your friends. SO CREEPY!



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